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benkay: put zhou tong on the case. dub: spew moar miconisms troll. dub: forum needs a 'ignore people with anime avatars' widget. dub: guaranteed waste of electrons. Bowjob: who are you? i dont even know who you are. Bowjob: im flattered you care so much about it. thanks. topace_: and bfl is "stuck on their test rig" topace_: for a week now? kakobrekla: bfl decided to refund customers in btc ... Zhou Tong, former founder of Bitcoinica, discovered an entry into Bitcoinica's Rackspace server through an excessively privileged compromised email address. This caused the theft of the entire “hot wallet”, funds stored on-site, as well as the loss of the main database. No backups were kept. Bitcoinica shut down because of this incident. The claims process is still ongoing; however ... 7:00 Coinabul - 10 Questions With Zhou Tong (Bitcoinica’s Founder) Tuesday, 29 May 2012. 23:00 Video: Bitcoin and Capital Controls; Monday, 28 May 2012. 23:00 Forbes - Lex Mercatoria: Self-Regulation and Bitcoin; Saturday, 26 May 2012. 23:00 The Bitcoin Trader - Bitcoin's Liquidity: A Third Look From now on, I'll only talk about projects I'm involving, https://letsdice.com, for example. Hope most of you be nice to me. Thank you. PS: About the bankroll I have, I started "gambling" on JD with 3000BTC (apart from another 4000 for investment), and never down more than 700. UPDATED: Quote 02:14:27 (1) <dooglus> so the change isn't permanent. Phuc Thai, Hong-Sheng Zhou, Thang Dinh (Virginia Commonwealth University), Jonathan Katz (University of Maryland), Lei Fan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) BackPackers: A New Paradigm for Secure and High-performance Blockchain SB6-15

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Cyber Initiative - YouTube

What's the deal with Bitcoin? Why is it suddenly so valuable, why is the US senate having hearings about it and why should you care? Why is it suddenly so valuable, why is the US senate having ... His pedigree in the gaming sector and particularly online gambling drew Tony Tong towards blockchain and BSV, primarily as a gateway to provably fair gambling. ----- If you want to see more from ... Lightning Talks - SBC '19 by Cyber Initiative. 41:37. Formal Verification: The Road to Complete Security of Smart Contracts - SBC '19 ... An Economic Analysis of the Bitcoin Payment System - SBC ... Betting on Blockchain Consensus with Fantômette - Sarah Azouvi Stanford Blockchain Conference (SBC) '19, January 30th - February 1st 2019, Stanford University Slides and a full listing of talks ar... Bitcoin trading has become especially frenzied in recent weeks as new investors have dived into the volatile market. But the mostly unregulated digital currency is also vulnerable to hackers.