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Comment (1pts) in Seattle, "Monday Capitol Hill Board Game Night: 7:30 pm at Optimism", (05 Feb 19):
Hahaha damn I'm a stereotype. Friggin nerds, man.
Submission in mcservers, "I know the guy that helps run this server.", 1pts (02 Sep 18)
Submission in entp, "Does anyone else struggle with Creative/Logical sides of your brain?", 1pts (07 Oct 17)
Comment (1pts) in listentothis, "We The Heathens - Lung Of Lies [folk / punk / metal] (2017)...", (06 Sep 17):
That's kind of their thing, guys. Even if it ain't your thing, you have to respect it. It's damn cool to see live in a dark basement though. They set up an amazing atmosphere. They do other stuff that...
Comment (1pts) in listentothis, "Matt Pless - When The Frayed Wind Blows [folk / punk /...", (29 Aug 17):
You had me at "Sleeping giants riot when they've finally woken up,
Because they're buying your silence with their shiny advertisements."
Those are magnificent lyrics.
Comment (1pts) in coolgithubprojects, "killr - text pasting service designed for developers", (12 Jan 17):
If you work in a terminal ever, the command line tool is actually epic.
Comment (1pts) in FolkPunkCirclejerk, "anyone here heard of ghost mice?", (26 Oct 16):
Ghost mice kill, they have a song called Critical Hit that makes my D&D music playlist friggin aweseome.
Comment (1pts) in listentothis, "Ceschi - Say Something [hip-hop/folk/punk] (2015) Catchy...", (25 Oct 16):
When I saw him, he was smack in the middle of the a small crowd of maybe 20 people. I was singing along to this song, and messed up the words, and I think I screwed him up. And he gestured toward me, ...
Comment (1pts) in CheersKevin, "Make Bad Stuff", (01 Sep 16):
Your creative side may be a "messy toddler", but mines a rebellious teen.
Submission in depression, "The Joy of Seasonal Affective Disorder", 1pts (26 Jan 16)
Comment (1pts) in listentothis, "frigginglorious -- Fruit Of The Problem [Lo-fi psychedelic...", (13 Nov 15):
Well, it's clearly the best song ever written.
Comment (1pts) in elderscrollsonline, "24 hour countdown to beta! Let hear about how you are...", (01 Mar 14):
This is more than just a weekend long thing this time then?
Submission in leagueoflegends, "Put your bitcoins where your mouth is: A new way to go pro?", 2pts (13 Jan 14)
Comment (1pts) in legaladvice, "A Loophole for the new Health Insurance Fines in the US?", (14 Dec 13):
I've watched courtroom dramas before. Lawyers find loopholes, its what they do!
Submission in Anarchism, "Can we find a Loophole for the new Health Insurance Fines in the US?", 1pts (13 Dec 13)
Submission in Insurance, "A Loophole for the new Health Insurance Fines in the US.", 1pts (12 Dec 13)
Comment (1pts) in leagueoflegends, "My League Games don't start at 00:00.", (08 Aug 13):
Invade blue... Hard. Dance party in the bush until the whole team shows up.
Comment (1pts) in IAmA, "Jon Lajoie here, you may recognize me as Taco from The...", (30 May 13):
MC Confusing needs to grass-plow a jumble-stick with the fervent bland serenity.
Comment (1pts) in IAmA, "Jon Lajoie here, you may recognize me as Taco from The...", (30 May 13):
If someone wanted to ride your coattails into billionaire status, what kind of video would you expect them to make, exactly how funny would it have to be, and how often would you promote it on your fa...
Comment (1pts) in nerdcore, "The mc chris cartoon pitch has arrived!!", (05 Apr 13):
Agree with the annoying build up part. The cartoon had my heart at "Wild West Mars", though. Throw this bitch on HULU!
Comment (1pts) in AskReddit, "what are some computer tricks everyone should know", (30 Mar 13):
not yet. Anyone have any good ideas?
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BILLIONAIRE CITY - Official Lyrics  by Macky (prod. by ... Everybody's Trying To Be a Billionaire - BTS army status song 2017: A Bull Run Ballad - Bitcoin Song (2002, Bitcoin Remix) Bitcoin Song - The Cryptocurrency Store Bitcoin (feat. Kweez & Yung Treble)

Bitcoin Billionaire. More recently, Reason TV’s Weird Al Yankovic for Libertarians, Remy, made a hilarious rap parody called Bitcoin Billionaire. If you can bring yourself to forgive him for the dismissive ending, you’ll quickly realize that this is likely to be the funniest song out there about Bitcoin, and it has been seen by over 750,000 ... Lyrics to Billionaire [Clean] by Bruno Mars from the Lazarus [Clean] album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! ... He also GRANT LOAN at 3% and RECOVERS LOST BITCOINS and also . you might have lost your bitcoin either by mismanagement or hacking. Contacting him now for a financial solution. email : [email protected] whatsapp: +16315383658 more » Like ... Check out Bitcoin Billionaire [Explicit] by Swavey and $ELLOUT on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Top 10 Bitcoin Influential Songs On Pop Culture. Coins Capture. Follow. Jul 8 · 4 min read. Pop culture can be defined as a tradition, beliefs, practices that are prevalent and it is recognized ... Lyrics to The Bitcoin Bubble (feat. Cosmic Mirror) by from the album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!

[index] [21844] [34483] [8845] [1686] [49139] [29611] [50719] [17652] [45774] [2412]

BILLIONAIRE CITY - Official Lyrics by Macky (prod. by ...

Goodnight and have a wonderful sleep! If you would like to have your favorite sleep song 1 hour looped, comment it below. Now also have some Social Media for... BILLIONAIRE CITY - Official Lyrics Para sa mga nag request ng lyrics ng Billionaire City po ito na po yun. Sobrang maraming salamat po talaga sa ginawa nyong... *Subscribe Our Channel* BTS NEW SONG STATUS Watch in pc for 1080p ( full hd ) Android mobile restrictions 360p due to COVID19 #bts #kpop #jungkook #jimin #ar... lyrics: If you want to be free, there is only one thing you can do, that is cut da control over you. Ask Georgie how bitcoin can help you, and treat you right. how bitcoin can help you, yeah ... Bear market blues? Here's a brand new ballad to the bull run. Lets end 2018 right. Welcome to cryptocurrency, mass adoptions coming soon. I don't turn the light on in my room LYRICS: I will always ...