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BitX Bitcoin Exchange and Wallet Reviewed

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BitX is the prettiest, most user-friendly Bitcoin wallet yet

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Does my BitX wallet reflect my Electrum wallet? /r/Bitcoin

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BitX launches exchange and wallet support for Singapore /r/Bitcoin

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If I have say 1BTC on BitX, does that reflect my Electrum wallet or do I need to send my BitX BTC to my Electrum wallet? Which is the safer way to store? Thanks!! (Sorry for noob question)
Does my BitX wallet reflect my Electrum wallet?
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BitX Bitcoin Exchange and Wallet Reviewed

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BitX Smart Wallet Launched for Mobile Bitcoin Users

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BitX Opens First Bitcoin Wallet and Exchange in Kenya

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BitX Smart Wallet Launched for Mobile Bitcoin Users

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Come and ask the founders of Bitcoin exchange and wallet BitX anything on, they are answering questions right now

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Come and ask the founders of Bitcoin exchange and wallet BitX anything on, they are answering questions right now

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Sending money to South Africa via bitcoin

What are the tax requirements when sending money to South Africa via bitx (bitcoin).
I want to transfer USD to my family in South Africa. I want to do this via bitcoin. I have a coinbase and kraken account already set up and also a bitx account ready.
I just want to make sure I adhere to the tax laws that South Africa have for incoming currency/money.
Optional second question. If anybody knows the tax law for sending money out if the US via bitcoin. Could you please let me know what that would entail.
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What's the best way to send money from my SA bank account to UK bank account?

I just used PayPal (I have one PayPal account per bank account).
Sent R3032.49, recieved £155.67 (Exchange rate according to was 18.39 £)
Are there better ways?
I pretty much have to do this monthly to pay off an overdraft. Need to try reduce fee expenses.
I think next month I might just send R1000 x 3 methods
  1. FNB Forex/Swift native banking method
  2. Paypal method I have been using
  3. Bitcoin conversion
But any ideas up front on the best way?
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Earn Bitcoin with an app (Simple, fast, and not a Bitcoin Faucet)

So for the past month I have been using an app on the play store called Bitit.
It gives you credits in exchange for downloading apps. Those credits can be redeemed for bitcoin directly into your bitcoin. wallet.
Unlike other apps that give you credits in exchange for downloading apps, this one immediately gives you the credits after the download, and so you don't have to go through the bullshit of having to register yourself or completing a task. Just download, open, and get credits. To redeem for bitcoin, you need 500 credits, and most apps give you well over 100 credits for a download.
You can also get credits everyday just for using the app and getting your daily reward. You also get loyalty credits from the apps that you install and keep on your phone. You just go to loyalty rewards, click the apps you have installed, and you get credits just for opening them.
You can also get credits for referring people. If you refer someone, you get 50 credits when they install it, and 10% of all the credits they earn. If your referred person refers another person for themselves, you get 10% of the other referred person's credits.
This app does not require any personal information of you and there is no signup. To use the app, it asks for you phone number and that is it. It is supposed to call you to confirm its your number (it never calls you) and you can use the app.
Now, if you are like me, I use my mom's phone number as well as my own. But, I don't have the app installed on her phone. Instead, I have an old phone, and put her number into the app, it will say the call failed and it will text a code instead. I get the code from her phone, and type it in to the old broken phone that is connected to wifi. This means her actual phone has nothing to do with the app, and the other old phone can download credits. I tried using my own personal phone number on 3 devices to see if I can get triple the credits for downloading the same apps, but your phone number is used to remember your credits and apps, so if you install an app on one device, the offer disappears as well on the other devices. So maybe if you want to save memory on your phone, install the app on an old phone no one uses, and put in your phone number, wait for it to say call is unavailable, get the code from your phone, and put it in the old phone. Now you can just download apps on and old phone and get bitcoin direct to your bitcoin wallet.
Through this app, you can realistically make 4 to five dollars a week if you download every single day and chack at all times of day to see apps that give you tons of credits.
The apps offered are usually games, and apps from actual companies like Walgreens, McDonalds, Rhapsody, Paypal, Ebay, etc.
I personally love downloading Rhapsody because they always give you more than 500 credits when you download it. (remember you get points for merely opening the app, you dont have to register for anything).
Although Loyalty rewards are nice, I uninstall every app because my phone is only 8gb. Besides that, the same app will likely be offered tomorrow, and you get more credits for installing it again, than keeping it in your phone and getting the loyalty Credits.
Now you might ask, well what do I use Bitcoin for, and what is this wallet you are telling me about?
Ok so a bitcoin wallet is self explanatory as it is a wallet for your bitcoins. You can get a wallet online, or in the app store. I highly recommend using BitX on the google play store. You register with your email, it tells you how much money you have in USD and in Bitcoin, and it tells you the value of Bitcoin.
Notice that this is unlike other Beer money, because the Price of Bitcoin goes up and down, so if it goes up to like 1200 like it was last year, and you had 20 dollars worth when it is 400, you will now have 60 USD. That is why I haven't bought anything yet with my bitcoin as I am waiting for the price to go up, so I get more money.
You can use bitcoins to buy reddit gold, and other things. You can sell bitcoins directly to people, or you can buy gift cards for amazon, and other places if you just google it.
I have made 25 dollars so far in USD, but as the price fluctuates, I sometimes have 23 and other times 29.
There are other apps exactly the same format as this Bitit app, and are from the same company. The other apps are TidBit, and TopitApp. They work the exact same way, look the same, but they sometimes have different offers, so you can use all 3 apps on your phone and have 3 different amounts of credits for the apps. Not only that, but you can claim your daily reward for each app every single day.
To further clarify, these are not bitcoin faucets. You get credits for downloading apps and opening them. You can immediately uninstall those apps after you open them. (that is what I do). 500 credits are about 30 cents, but you can easily make that and can redeem once or twice a day, and remember you can use the 3 apps.
Here is a picture of the app I know it says 0 credits earned, but that id because I just redeemed over 1000 credits that I earned today, and it can be seen from my Bitcoin Wallet Transactions from BitX here:
Here is proof that I have made 25 dollars so far:
Here are the links to the app (I dont think its available for IOS)
Bitit Ref NonRef
Tidbit Ref NonRef
TopitApp Ref NonRef
Thanks for reading. I just thought I'd share because I love reading the posts here. I personally use bing rewards, my coke rewards, and perk TV and can say that although I have made 45 bucks in amazon gift cards, I have made 25 dollars apart from the 45 even quicker with this bitcoin app.
(also quick note), yes you can click the links, and it'll take you to the play store even if you are on your computer. You can download the app to your phone from your computer.
EDIT: I just remembered something that I need to mention. When you download apps, they say "Up to___ credits" meaning it is not an exact amount. If they tell you they'll give you 430, they'll probably give you from 200 to 390 credits and not exactly 430
EDIT 2: For those wondering, i use an lg stylo from cricket and I have android 5.1.1 but the app has worked on every single android device.ive tried the app on. Even the really old cheap made in china phones
EDIT 3: the app will crash the first time you open it everyday. If you open it again, it sorks like a charm
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HODL Your Horses, Here’s What’s in Crypto Next Week: Hard Forks, Airdrops, ICOs, Events

HODL Your Horses, Here’s What’s in Crypto Next Week: Hard Forks, Airdrops, ICOs, Events
  • From Bitcoin Gold’s hard fork to London’s Fintech Week, here are a few events to keep an eye on.
  • There are a few ICOs ending and starting this week, keep track of them.
Want to get more involved in the crypto space and be completely aware of what’s going on?
Here’s a small list of upcoming events you can attend or monitor, including: Bitcoin Gold to Hard Fork, Blockchain Events: Chainers 2018 (Seoul), TechCrunch Sessions 2018 (Zug), TechCrunch Sessions Ethereum Meetup (Zug), London Fintech Week (London).
If you’re looking to increase your crypto wealth or know where all those tokens are coming from, here are a few airdrops occurring this week: CPS-SPACE-INS-LRN, ICOs Ending: WINS-SHR-BITX-EJAC-AMO, ICOs Starting: FNP-BETT-VLUX

Hard Forks

Bitcoin Gold (BTG):

Following a 51% hack in May, the BTG project’s team decided to upgrade its network via a hard fork in order to improve network security. This is expected to occur at block 536200 (Est. Date: 1st July). The upgrade will implement the Equihash-BTG PoW algorithm as a replacement for the existing Equihash algorithm, among other changes.


Syscoin (SYS) Holders — CPS Coin Airdrop — Snapshot Date on July 1, 2018

CoinPayments (CPS) is built on the Syscoin blockchain, and aims to power a decentralised marketplace. 6% of the total CPS coin supply will be distributed to owners of Syscoin wallet addresses on the snapshot’s date.

Siacoin (SC) Holders — Space Cash (SPACE) Airdrop — Snapshot Date on July 1, 2018

Space cash is going to be distributed to Siacoin (SC) holders at a 10:1 ratio by the Hyperspace team. The Hyperspace network aims to be a global cloud storage marketplace powered by SPACE.

INS Ecosystem (INS) Holders — INS Token Airdrop Distribution — July 2, 2018

INS Ecosystem aims to develop a platform to enable direct interaction between FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) manufacturers and consumers. INS tokens will be distributed via an airdrop to all INS holders based on balances had during April 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018.

Loopring (LRC) Holders — Loopring Neo Token (LRN) Airdrop — July 5, 2018

Loopring is a protocol for building decentralized exchanges, and will distribute 60% of the LRN supply to all LRC token holders during this airdrop.


ICOs Ending:

WinStars (WINS) — Ends Tuesday July 3, at 13:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.2000, Funds Raised $ 3.30 M, Funding Target: 500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 5,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 103.50 M (69.00%). WinStars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalogue of gambling resources, built on Ethereum.

ShareRing (SHR) — Ends Wednesday July 4, at 13:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.02000, Funds Raised: — , Funding Target: $10,000,000, Funding Cap: $38,000,000, Coins Offered: 3.47 B (52.00%). ShareRing is a decentralized marketplace that enables users to securely access, connect, and pay for services anywhere in the world. Users can share anything from storage space to tools, clothes, jewellery and food with the SHR token being the primary payment method.

BitScreener (BITX) — Ends Thursday July 5, at 00:59 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.06049, Fund Raised: — , Funding Target: 1,000 ETH, Funding Cap: 15,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 139.50 M (31.00%). BitScreener aims to build a financial data and content marketplace on the blockchain. BitX is used as the primary means of payment for services.

EJA Coin (EJAC) — Ends Thursday July 5, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.1000, Funds Raised: $ 500.00 k, Funding Target: 500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 15,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 150.00 M (60.00%). Eja Coin intends to implement a project that will make it easy for people to invest in Mining.

Amo Coin (AMO) — Ends Saturday July 7, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.002164, Funds Raised: $ 1.74 M, Funding Target: — , Funding Cap: — , Coins Offered: 10.00 B (50.00%). AMO is a project that aims to create and operate the AMO Market, where car data can be shared and exchanged. The AMO coin is set to be used as the primary means of payment within the platform.

ICOs Starting:

FlipNpik (FNP) — Starts Sunday July 1, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.1238, Funding Target: — , Funding Cap: 100,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 350.00 M (35.00%). FlipNpik is a commercial social media platform that is designed to connect shoppers to merchants within their communities.

Bettium (BETT) — Starts Sunday July 1, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.05000, Funding Target: 7,500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 30,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 600.00 M (60.00%). Bettium is a platform enabling users to engage in p2p sports betting against each other. The platform offers users a series of tools, ranging from machine learning services to help from established experts to improve forecasts and strategy.

VLUX (VLUX) — Starts Wednesday July 4, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: — , Funding Target: 25,000,000 GBP, Funding Cap: 25,000,000 GBP, Coins Offered: 44.31 M (70.00%). VLUX aims to improve access to affordable, low carbon energy by enabling peers to trade energy between one another via the Verv energy trading platform.


Chainers 2018

When: July 1–2, 2018
Where: Seoul, Korea
As part of the Blockchainer Global Global Tour Series, the 11th tour stops in Korea to provide audiences with a series of talks covering Global Blockchain Regulation & Development, Public Chains, Private Chains & Consortium Chains, and Venture Capital and Token Economy to name a few. There are several notable speakers confirmed, including Patrick Dai (Co-founder, QTUM), Jun Li (Founder, Ontology) and Kim Seong Silk (CTO, Huobi Korea) among many others.
The event also includes a Blockchain Projects Pitch Roadshow where teams can showcase their respective projects to investors.

TechCrunch Sessions: Blockchain 2018

When: July 6, 2018
Where: Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2–4, Zug, 6300 Switzerland
TechCrunch is proud to announce their first event dedicated entirely to blockchain, crypto and the future of the internet. The event will feature a series of talks from industry leaders including Vitalik Buterin (Creator, Ethereum), Jutta Steiner (Co-founder, Polkadot), Joe Lubin (Founder, Consensys), Balaji Srinivasan (CTO, Coinbase) and Changpeng Zhao (CEO, Binance).

Ethereum Meetup produced by TechCrunch

When: July 7, 2018
Where: Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2–4, Zug, 6300 Switzerland
TechCrunch will produce the event with support from the Ethereum Foundation and other members of the Ethereum community the day after the TC Sessions: Blockchain event. The meetup will feature Vitalik Buterin (Founder, Ethereum Foundation), Karl Floersch (Developer, Ethereum Foundation), among others. It will cover a range of topics including scaling, protocol improvements, and improvements to consensus mechanisms.

London Fintech Week

When: July 6 -13, 2018 Where: QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, UK
The 5th Annual London Fintech Week starts next week, bringing together a series of key industry speakers across several areas within the Fintech space. The event will include a collection of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, a hackathon, and several networking events throughout the week. Notable attendees include Adam Stradling (co-founder of, Anish Mohammed (advisor at Ripple Labs), and Dominik Schiener (co-founder of IOTA) among many others. For a full list of industry speakers and event partners, please click here.
The week-long event kicks off on Friday July 6 with a Blockchain Hackathon over the weekend, followed by a series of talks starting on Monday July 9th covering Fintech Disruptors, Capital Markets & Wealthtech on Tuesday, and Blockchain & Crypto-Finance on Wednesday. Thursday is a designated day for investors and startups/ICO participants to showcase their projects, followed by a series of blockchain and legal workshops on Friday.
Notably panel discussions during the Blockchain & Crypto-Finance day include:
Women in Blockchain — Discussion on the role of women in blockchain, with a closer look at the impact that women are making across the industry. Includes Helen Disney (CEO Unblocked), Dr Jane Thomason (CEO, Blockchain Quantum Impact) and Michelle Chivunga N (Regional Advisor, British Blockchain Association) among others.
Linklaters Panel: Blockchain and Financial Services — How Blockchain fits in within the current regulatory environment, as well as its impact on enterprises, business and compliance across users’ digital identities, trust and transparency. Discussion between Ajit Tripathi (Partner EMEA, Consensys Enterprise), Harry Eddis (Partner, Global Co-Head of Fintech, Linklaters), and Clair Wells (Director, Legal and Business Affairs EMEA, Circle).
VC/Investor Panel — Discussion on how industry figures and organizations are using blockchain to impact value and growth. Panellists include Ivan Soto-Wright (Founder and Managing Partner,, Andrew Adcock (CMO, Crowd for Angels), and Aditya Nagarsheth (Investor, Red Pill).
Blockchain Becoming Real Beyond Finance & Less Regulated Industries — Adam Strading (Co-founder,, Ashley Fox (MEP for SW England and Gibraltar, The European Parliament) and Tim Huegdon (Co-founder & CIO, InstaSupply) discuss the impact of blockchain and the growing autonomy of machines on society.
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What do you want from a mobile wallet?

I have worked on several fintech services as a product manager, including the BitX wallet for Bitcoin, 22seven and Curve. I now have some time on my hands and want to create an Ether wallet. We're thinking of using a trustless crowdsale to fund the development. I wanted to ask what you would expect from a mobile Ether wallet? And do you use Android or iOS?
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Die rand is kak

So the bitcoin network starts off 2016 much stronger than it entered 2015. With over a billion $ in startup investment capital. It is crazy to realize that it is worth R111,415,577,100 in valuation (amount of coins multiplied by freemarket price) and this is just the beginning. Compare this to standard bank at R188,4B especially if you consider they are down about 40% in the past year where bitcoin is up 533% since 2013, and up 61% in the last 6 months.
1 bitcoin = R7404
Crazy you might say.. no. Go look up what quantitative easing is. Hint: The banks have been creating trillions, devaluing your savings.
Bitcoin's processing power is now at 832,017,286,000,000,000 SHA256 hashes per second. This is what work it requires to mine bitcoin, what makes it secure and why we trust it more than some database in someone's vault that they can go edit if they please. This is real measurable energy consumption. Almost like digging up gold, just more humane.
With 6 months left till the amount of new bitcoins mined halves to 12.5BTC per 10mins. We'll be entering the realm of sub 5% yearly monetary base inflation. This means instead of R788,400,000 worth of bitcoin created per month it will become only R394,200,000 worth per month newly issued. This new cycle will run for 4 years, like the last, before it halves again, and again. Until eventually in 140 years from now we have the last bit of bitcoin at 21million BTC. 21,000,000.000,000,000 should be enough for everyone.
I've used rands so people can understand the scale of this thing a bit better. The exchange rates change over time according to free markets.
Edit: I've added a list of links.. far from complete, but good enough to get started. I recommend south africans to use bitx market to exchange BTC/ZAR. Watch the links under knowledge in this list.
breadwallet iPhone bitcoin Android
more on
bitx ZAR, MYR, NGN, KES, IDR kraken EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, JPY, LTC okcoin CNY, USD vaultoro XAU (gold) There are many more..
Useful services for south african bitcoin holders:
bitrefill Buy 8ta, cellc, mtn or vodacom airtime using bitcoin. Buy things online for delivery, use instant eft then bitcoin on checkout. namecheap Domains for bitcoin.
bitxZAR bitx market for south africans. bitcoinwisdom for seeing live exchange rates across many exchanges. cryptowatch has some other exchanges listed aswell and nice plotting tools. bitcointicker realtime market ticker. coinigy professional crypto trading platform (30 day free, 0.054BTC/mo) viewer, wallet provider and blockchain api blockchain viewer and api bitpay easy bitcoin integration provider
reddit/bitcoin reddit/btc bitcointalk forums forum
Channel ##bitcoin on freenode irc server 
bitcoin core sourcecode on github
bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto (pdf)
Bitcoin, Freedom, and the Future of Finance? by Bhagwan Chowdhry, Professor of Finance at UCLA Anderson, joined us for an IDFC-U discussion in which he explained why he believes Bitcoin is just the beginning.
Wired 2015 Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos
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Am I planning it rite? Newbie questions (I've read the sidebar)

I've been lightly following Bitcoin for the past few years and am ready to get into it. I've read the sidebar and have sort of chosen an exchange and wallet to go with. I'm still a bit hazy on all-things-bitcoin, but I figured that I really won't start to "get it" unless I actually get my feet wet.
For the exchange, I'm thinking of going with Bitpanda. I know that Coinbase seems to be a more-recommended exchange, but I've been reading (from research outside of Reddit) that they are holding some users' coins if the user does not give up highly sensitive personal information. Is this part of a smear against them? I dunno, I'm a newbie!
For the wallet, I might go with Bitx.
Again, super n00b here, so I am just researching what I think are the bare essentials to start getting into BTC. Am I missing anything? Are there better suggestions to my choices above? I am based in Asia, if that matters.
Thanks for any tips.
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How would you design the perfect mobile Bitcoin wallet?

Hi everyone - we just launched the new BitX wallet:
iOS: Android:
Our main goal is to make the best mobile Bitcoin wallet in the world and the only way we'll achieve that is by listening to you and all our other customers.
So, what are your suggestions / needs for the perfect mobile Bitcoin wallet?
Broadly in terms of:
  1. Security
  2. UI
  3. Features
  4. Other?
Let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen!
The BitX team
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Blockchain Wallet

Sorry for the newbie question but on the new blockchain wallet what is the difference between imported addresses and "My Bitcoin Wallet". I really like blockchain, do you guys have any other recommendations? My local bar accepts BitX so I was thinking of trying that.
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Is my Bitcoin security enough?

I have some bitcoins and using BitX wallet - on desktop and app.
Desktop - strong password
App - 2 factor authentication enabled, not logged in (so even if phone stolen, thief wont know the password)
Is one wallet enough? Should I get another wallet, and which would you guys recommend? Anything else I can do?
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Anyone else tried them to buy bitcoin with a credit card? They use payfast, who as far as I know dont send bitcoin to the clients, but the ZAR value, so I assume that Voomar then use the ZAR to buy bitcoin on bitx or another exchange.
Just be aware that you dont get a bitcoin wallet on their site, and they dont immediately send you the bitcoin, the soonest you will get your bitcoin purchase is 6 months later, then you can probably have them send it to your wallet of choice.
The site is supposed to be for investing in bitcoin, hence the 6 months minimum before you have access to your coins.
"Our enterprise level security measures ensure that our clients’ bitcoin is stored securely, with up to 97% stored offline in safe deposit boxes and vaults distributed around the world. This is an important safety measure to ensure that your bitcoin is stored securely."
It would be cool if they can go into detail about how they secure the bitcoin though.
The price of bitcoin on their site is higher than anywhere else, for example right now the average price of bitcoin around the world is $350 and their price is $374, so you are buying at a premium.
According to the TOS...
Each transaction is subject to a processing fee of 4.5% + R2 (plus VAT at 14%)
3.3. Fees. Your account is subject to two fee types charged by Voomar which consists of: (a) storage and safekeeping fee of 2% per annum, which is charged quarterly on the last day of each calendar quarter, and; (b) exit fee of 3% on exit of the bitcoin from your Voomar account.
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What is a Bitcoin Wallet? (in Plain English) - YouTube How to sell and withdraw bitcoin on How to create BITX bitcoin wallet for South African users and get free bitcoin satoshi How to Open and Fund Bitx bitcoin wallet for MMM Part2 How to buy and sell bitcoins on BitX

Download the Bitcoin Wallet by A simple, secure way to send and receive Bitcoin. Available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC). Die Bitcoin Wallet lässt sich mit einer echten Geldbörse vergleichen. Sie legen sich eine oder mehrere Geldbörsen zu, um in diesen Ihr Geld zu verstauen. Möchten Sie Geld ausgeben, zum Beispiel beim Kauf einer Ware, entnehmen Sie das Geld aus Ihrer Börse und reichen es weiter. So ist auch das Grundprinzip bei der Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin ist eine digitale Währung. Es gibt keinen ... BitX Wallet makes using Bitcoin easier than ever. BitX is mostly used in emerging markets and has the ability to trade into local currency through its network. The wallet offers two factor authentication. With BitX Wallet you can: - Store your Bitcoin securely and access it anytime, anywhere - Email Bitcoin to anyone - Monitor the current price of Bitcoin and compare it to other currencies ... BitX Bitcoin Wallet makes using Bitcoin easier than ever. Your Bitcoin is stored in our secure offline vaults and you can access it from anywhere using our apps and website, even if you lose your ... Diese Wallet ist ein "Full Node", die Transaktionen im Bitcoin-Netzwerk validiert und weiterleitet. Das bedeutet, dass keinem Dritten vertraut werden muss, wenn Zahlungen verifiziert werden. "Full Nodes" bieten das höchste Maß an Sicherheit und sind zum Schutz des Netzwerks unentbehrlich. Allerdings wird viel Speicher (über 350GB), Bandbreite und eine längere anfängliche Synchronisierung ...

[index] [39463] [34229] [47294] [23044] [22997] [18397] [34694] [50143] [16211] [46278]

What is a Bitcoin Wallet? (in Plain English) - YouTube

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue For a secure wallet to store, buy and sell follow To get discount worth R10 in BTC use the promo code 9C9W4 for every time you buy or sell 0.10 BTC or more. Buy and sell bitcoins in Bitx. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Bitcoin für Anfänger einfach erklärt! [auf Deutsch] Bitcoin-Börse (erhalte 10€ in BTC) *📱 Sicheres Bitcoin-Wallet... How to create BITX wallet for South African users and get free bitcoin satoshi.